Venice Carnival

"Wall Art Disk" in our house near my makeup table - brings me in good mood each morning:)

We licensed these images to produce Wall Art Disks D 35" and 44" ( 89 cm and 112 cm)

                                             - a new and excited contemporary wall decor!

There are more themes of images for our Wall Art Disks are coming - like "Navy" and "Floral" - soon!

Usually all the furniture and windows create horizontal and vertical grid in the interior,

but round shapes bring good balance and harmony to it.

Our return policy: 100% money back guarantee, if you will not like it.

Fine art & designs for kids & their parents

Our "Wall Art Disk" is made from several materials:

Image is printed on canvas and covered with a layer of UV protective and scratch resistant varnish.

​Disk D 35" - 89 cm is made from aluminum composite panel.

Disk's edge is sealed with golden or pearl rim.

​There is a hanging system "Hook & Loop" on the back of the Disk, 

designed by us and made from very durable materials: white acrylic and aluminum.

Our wall Art Disk is totally waterproof - you can hang it in the kitchen or bathroom.

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