Fine art & designs for kids & their parents

​​​​​​About: "Happy Art" - is a design studio and production business, that creates fine art images, photos and 3D designs for kids and their parents, including wall and room decor, soft toys and design-repeats for fabric and paper. It's a family run business. Me and my husband both create artworks and designs, so to avoid confusion among our clients, I go by my maiden name - Lana Parrot and my husband name - Anatoli Titarenko. We live and work in Lloyd Harbor, NY, USA - approximately an hour drive from Manhattan to the East of Long Island.

Me - artist designer, my husband Anatoli - architect, and our son Aleks - programmer, make a good management and professional team for our business.

Almost all of our 2D artworks and 3D designs are available for licensing, but we also license some images from well known photographers for our own production of the

Wall Art Disks D 35" - 89 cm and 44" - 112 cm, which I have recently designed.

I have worked as a professional artist designer for 20 years and I am very well aware of copyright aspects in the art and design world. Books written by Ralph E. Lerner "All About Rights for Visual Artists" and by Caryn R. Leland "Licensing Art & Design" are among my favorites. With each of our artwork or design we try to create something very unique and to avoid the look of anyone else' artworks or photos. To protect our intellectual property, after we create an artwork or design, we register our copyrights with the Washington Library of Congress, USA. Only after that we offer it to the commercial market for licensing or sell the artworks and designs by ourselves.

Our education: I and my husband are both graduated from the Architectural Academy in, me with a master's degree in Industrial Design & Fine Art and my husband as an Industrial Architect. We had studied there for 5 years and took courses in: methods of industrial design and architecture, fine art composition, classic fine art techniques, classic drawing, sculpture, and art history. Prior to our studies at the Academy we have attended to a Special Fine Arts School, where we studied classic watercolor techniques and drawing. In 2000 y. we took several courses on the computer programs that enabled us to design in: SketchUp, VRay, Photoshop, Illustrator. We still love free hand sketching and painting and use computer programs only when necessary, such as when building furniture and 3D interior designs with all its plans and elevations, and repeats for fabrics and paper.

My style: I simply LOVE watercolors for their charm and ability to exhibit the harmony of light, forms, colors, lines and expressions of life itself! There is something uniquely creative in classic free hand sketching and watercolor painting! I also enjoy to experiment with other mediums, materials and techniques. At the beginning of their creative journey all artists probably lean towards a certain style of art. Personally, I gravitated to the Nouveau Art Style and the art of its founder, Alphonse Mucha. I love its absolute beauty of lines, colors and images, and the wonderful balance between traditional fine art and decorative stylization. I am pursuing this creative path, but maybe with a little bit more contemporary approach. I want my artworks and designs to bring smile and joy to the people who look at and own them, and - this is probably the main reason I enjoy creating so much:)

My credo is - "Celebrate LIFE, LOVE & CREATION each day, starting at sunrise, and reflect all of its joy in your art and design!"

Our professional experience:Since my graduation from the Architectural Academy, 

I have worked most of the time as an artist designer, creating fine art images, home decor, design-repeats for fabric and paper, building interiors and furniture with SketchUp and VRay programs, creating 3D artworks with nature's materials, wall art disks with prints on canvas. I worked in the past as an artist designer for a large American company that produces wallpaper and interior fabrics and I have learned there how to design repeats for fabrics and wallpapers. We sell directly to our clients - it's a great way to get any feedback right away and to create what client needs at this moment. Custom orders are welcome!

Anatoli, since graduation from the Architectural Academy in 1988 y., had worked as an architect designing interiors for residential and commercial clients. He also creates artworks in acrylic in contemporary style.