These design repeats (above and below) complement our Collection "Happy Clowns Art":

They will be great on fabrics and paper for kids birthday party or any other decor to brighten up their rooms.

I have the same designs in softer and brighter colors - for babies and older kids.

I buy fresh flowers and make design repeats from them.

​All copyrights for all my design repeats are registered with Washington Library of Congress. 

This design  repeat has real navy signal alphabet.

Playing with color Navy, Geometry & my "Happy Music Notes" repeats.

All rights reserved by the artist-designer Lana Parrot.

These are repeats "Happy Music Notes" for fabric and paper. They also go together with our "Happy Clowns Art" collection to complement each other.

All rights for all these repeats are registered with the Washington Library of Congress by the artist-designer Lana Parrot - "Happy Art" studio.

You can buy fabrics, gift paper or wallpaper with my design-repeats printed on it at this web-store:

Fine art & designs for kids & their parents