Kids' clock and blanket or floor play carpet with

the "Musical Clowns" images and design repeat "Happy Music Notes".

Collection "Happy Clowns Art"Available for licensing.

All rights for these 2D artworks & 3D designs are registered with Washington Library of Congress by artist designer Lana Parrot - "Happy Art" studio.

Here are the pillows with my "Musical Clowns" images and my fabric design repeats "Happy Music Notes" on it.

These "Musical Clowns" images have my design repeat "Happy Music Notes" around them,

you can see all my design repeats for fabric & paper here:

Pillows or wall decor for kids and their parents rooms will look great with these designs on them

and, if sewn from fabric - the wall decor for babies and kids will be very safe for them.

When you see somebody or something is smiling - you smile back!:)
From - "Smiling helps build new neuronal pathways in the brain.

These neurons plug into your brain circuitry and maintain brain function, preserving memory, logic and learning skills. Neurotransmitters carry information between neurons and govern pretty much everything

in the mind and body either directly or indirectly."  

Kids' table cloth or floor play carpet sewn with waterproof fabric.

Babies' and kids' textile goods with my images of "Musical Clowns" are colorful and fun!

What a fun it will become for kids to have a dinner or birthday party with these plates!:)

Soft toys "Funny Clowns" big & small.

Table cloth design for kids' birthday party or funny floor play carpet for everyday.

The "Musical Clowns" movement dates to the 11th century, but enjoyed its greatest popularity in the 15th-17th centuries throughout Europe and Russia. They were first called - "Scaramouch" - from the Greek word - "Skommarchos" - the "Master of joke and laugh". Some of the characteristics of Scaramouch' appearance were derived from stock clown character in the Italian commedia "Dell'arte", which was known as a form of theater characterized by masked "types", that arose in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the appearance of actors who gave improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios. Soon, however, these theatrical comedy performances took to the streets in all European and Russian towns, large and small, to entertain audiences. These "Musical Clowns" - Scaramouches travelled from town to town, playing all types of instruments, singing songs, reading poetry, dancing, performing comedy theatre and stunts and tricks in which they  engaged with their audiences. People loved them very much, but ultimately, this wonderful movement declined and disappeared, because the Scaramouches' ridiculed local governments. Later Scaramouche' character appeared as a circus clown, and is still popular among people who love circus performance. In creating my images of the "Musical Clowns", I wanted to inspire kids to learn about music, theater and painting. Children's visual memory is very strong, so having these colorful and funny images of "Musical Clowns" and the soft toys "Funny Clowns" around them during their childhood may push them gently to study music, theater and all kinds of art later. 

In addition, while they are still kids, these images can help them engage in all kinds of conversations with their parents about music, musical instruments, theater and the history of the "Musical Clowns" movement.  

For Mather and Daughter,

For Father and Son,

For cooking and crafting,

Or just having fun!:)

Fine art & designs for kids & their parents

Here are my fine art images "Musical Clowns" hand-painted in watercolors on watercolor paper and soft toys "Funny Clowns",

soft decor form fabric, plates and trays for babies, kids and their parents.

The "Musical Clowns" images can be used for many babies & kids goods: textiles, blankets, puzzles, decals, plates, cups,

trays, party accessories, floor play carpets, wall murals and wall decor. 

"Musical Clowns" images are each in size: 14" x 14" inches or 35,5 x 35,5 cm. 

Soft toys "Funny Clowns" are made from the "fleece" fabric used for kids pajamas, and are filled with non-allergenic "Poly-Fil" for soft toys. 

‚ÄčTheir hair is made from acrylic yarn.