I created these round designs for plates, trays, wall decor from my originals "Geometrical Jazz"

that I created in acrylic on canvas; you can see them on my "Fine Art" page:

All rights reserved by artist-designer Lana Parrot - "Happy Art" studio.

Collection "Aloha".

All rights for all the images on this web are registered with the Washington Library of Congress

by the artist - designer Lana Parrot - "Happy Art" studio.

These round designs could be used for paper and ceramic plates, trays, round wall decor - decorative plates,

clocks, tablecloth, wine or beer coasters and more.

We have more round designs, so please contact us to see our extended portfolio.

Fine art & designs for kids & their parents

Collection "Musical Clowns".

TABLE CLOTH for Kids' Party.

Collection "Summer Time".


Soft wall decor from fabric for kids' rooms.