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We create a new contemporary wall decor for home and commercial interiors.

Our Art Disk comes in different size range: D 35" - 89 cm and up to 44" - 112 cm   

It's made from eco-friendly materials, very durable and waterproof.

Some images here are licensed and some are created by us - Happy Art Studio.

The copyright symbol on the images is just for protection here, real images will be printed without it.

Our return policy: 100% money-back guarantee, if you will not like it.

Simply pack the Art Disk back in its original packaging and send us an email to arrange a pickup by UPS. 

​But if you'll be Happy having our Art Disk with a Beautiful image - we'll be very Happy as well!:)

The backside of the Disk with the Loop

Our "Wall Art Disk" is made from several materials:

Each image is printed on the Epson Exhibition Archival Canvas and

covered with a layer of UV protective and scratch-resistant varnish.

​Disk D 35" - 44" ( 89 - 112 cm) is made from aluminum panel - 1/4" (5 mm) thickness.

Disk's edge is sealed with golden, silver, pearl, or custom color rim - your choice.

​There is a hanging system "Loop & Hook" on the back of the Disk, 

designed by us and made from very durable materials: aluminum and white thick acrylic.

The hanging system is attached to the disk by 3 self-clinching stainless steel studs.

All you'll need to hang it - just make a proper hole with an anchor in your type of wall: concrete, brick, stone, or drywall.

Our aluminum hook will get attached to your wall by proper anchor and pin or screw - depends on your type of wall.

After this simply hang the Art Disk on the Hook!

Our Wall Art Disk is totally waterproof - you can hang it in your kitchen or bathroom.

Usually, all the furniture and windows create a horizontal and vertical grid in the interior,

but round shapes bring good balance and harmony to it.

Prices: Art Disk: D 35" - $420   D 40" - $620   D 44" - $820

Custom sizes between 35" - 89 cm and 44" - 112 cm are welcome!

Made in the USA

The Hook

Our Hanging System "Loop&Hook" is elegant and simple.

All copyrights for it are registered with the Washington Library of Congress, USA

by the owners of the Happy Art Studio

Wall Art Disk

Here is how it may look in your interior:

Collection "Venice Carnival"